Mistaken Identity

Saturday, 30 April 2011

I've worked in various customer service roles over the years.  I'm sure that everyone who has worked in the industry, or has any kind of contact with customers, will have stories of rude, strange or otherwise silly people.

I had a little gem today.

A woman opens the door of the Shop, steps across the threshold and her eyes narrow as she looks around.  With her mouth half open in a scowl, she glares at me.  "You're not a sandwich shop?" she asks, sounding somewhat affronted.

Understandably, I'm a little puzzled by this as our rather large window display shows our non-food wares quite clearly (and she'd walked right past it), but I politely inform her that the sandwich shop is right next door.

The woman pauses, and then proceeds to take another step into the shop, her scrutinising gaze sweeping into every corner as if I'm possibly fibbing and have the ham rolls stashed under the counter.  As if satisfied that we have no bread products, she huffs, turns on her heel and stomps out.

I had a chuckle about it but I do wonder; was she just having a bad day or just didn't want to admit she'd entered the wrong shop by mistake?


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