Oh crap - not now!

Tuesday, 29 November 2011


I have a cold.  Nose started running yesterday afternoon; by the evening I was sneezing.  I can NOT afford to be off work with a cold!

Therefore I have been sucking on orange flavoured / vitimin c lozenges to ease the sore throat and swollen tonsils (bane of my life), downing all-in-one cold tablets and desperately hoping I will still appear well enough to stay at work this afternoon.

I don't want to be sent home.

Gift Shopping

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Whoops.  Did not intend to go for a week without blogging anything!  In my defence I have been quite busy with work and my free time has been sucked into playing Skyrim (such an awesome game!) - but I'm feeling the urge to write again.

It's been more than a month than my last Christmas shopping post so it's about time I mentioned something about my progress.

At last count, I'd purchased three presents at total cost of £22.69.   [To recap, my budget is £10 per person but I will go up to £15 maximum if necessary.]

Next up, my aunt and uncle, whom I always find difficult to buy for.

Gift #4 - aunt ~ scarf and gloves set, bar of scented soap

It's an odd mix I know, but this is thanks to my mother who happened to have the set and the soap already and suggested them and only asked for £6 for the lot.  Cheers mum!

Gift #5 - uncle ~ bird table/bath and big bag of bird seed

Yet again it's my mum to the rescue, my uncle being even harder to buy for than my aunt.  Spotted during one of our weekly food shopping trips, it seems that my uncle is in the midst of adding various features to his garden and this hanging bird table also doubles as a bath so it'll suit him either way and the seeds can be put anywhere.  Table: £5.99.  Seed: £1.29

Gift #6 - older brother ~ boxers and snacks

I should entitle this post as 'people who are awkward to buy for' - I seem to be picking my mum's brain a lot of present ideas.  But over the years it does get harder, particularly if they don't really have any hobbies or collect things, yet ask for the same kind of thing every year which is fine since they want them but as the giver of the gift you do feel bad for not being able to give them something different.  There's only so many years in a row you can buy someone socks!   Not that I went with anything much different, but apparently my older brother is in need of boxers so Tesco came in with an £8 pack and I've bought some savoury snacks which he likes to nibble on as he's not one for chocolate.  Two packs for £1.38

Gift #7 - younger brother ~ bottle of Jack Daniels

Finally!  Someone straightforward in what they want.  Actually, little brother has asked for money primarily but I said I'd to give him at least some little thing to unwrap and he came up with a suggestion of Jack Daniels which I wasn't even aware that he drank - but he loves the stuff so off to Tescos for a bottle at £10.97.  Pity I couldn't afford the next size up but I'm still on a budget here!  If money isn't too tight by the end I'll add a fiver in with his Christmas card.

So that's the immediate family just about sorted!  So far I'm under budget with an average spend of just over £8 per person.

Running Total: 7 presents at £56.32

The Little Things #10

Sunday, 20 November 2011

When your boyfriend buys you the most awesome computer game - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - because he knows you can't really afford it but will absolutely LOVE it!

^_^  I'm so lucky to have him!


Friday, 18 November 2011

Surely I should not be feeling quite this tired?  I suppose I have been on the go pretty much non-stop for four days.  Got another five days to get through before I have a whole day off.

Either my stamina is going to build up or I'm just going to crash out whenever I have a day off.  I'm hoping for the first option - I will be extremely annoyed with myself if I don't do something productive on a day off - and sleeping in late most certainly does not count as productive.

Another morning shift tomorrow.  Best get some rest.

One Down

Jay has not returned.

Yesterday, one of the supervisors mentioned that Jay 'hasn't turned up'.  So much for being sick I guess! I did wonder at the time whether he was unaware that he ought to phone in every day he is off ill, but since he has not turned up today either, it's pretty apparent that he doesn't want the job after all.

I wonder whether they'll contact anyone else they interviewed to offer them some work.  Trouble is, Christian and I have already gone through the induction and training so the staff would have to do that all over again for one person, so I'm somewhat doubtful another person will be taken on now.

My own shifts are going reasonably well.  There are lights on the till that come on when you ring for a supervisors assistance - I keep forgetting to turn it off afterwards: must work harder to remember that!

The manager himself nearly made me late for my first morning shift today.  I hadn't seen him since my interview so he was keen to have a quick chat as to how I was getting on, but he unwittingly held me up as I was trying to get downstairs - literally I had just reached the tills when my name was called over the announcement system!  0_o  That was embarrassing but I hurried over and got set up pretty quick.

Other than that, no major issues and so far everybody has been nice to me and seems to think I'm doing fine.

My one concern is that customers seem to know that I'm new - 'You're smiling - must be new here!'  Clearly not been here long enough for the enthusiasm to wear off!

First Shift

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Worked my first proper shift today.  I did ask if someone could continue to 'mind' me for a while just in case I went blank on anything.  I do find it extremely helpful since I am still very new and picking things up.  I'm sure it'll get easier, considering I'm working through to next Wednesday without a day off I should be perfect by then!

Recall that Christian was late yesterday?  Well, Jay didn't do himself any favours by phoning in sick this morning.  If you are genuinely ill, first proper shift at work is bloody awful timing and bad luck. The supervisor probably wasn't too happy with that since Jay was on the early shift - the afternoon shift wouldn't have been so bad, you've got time to call someone in to cover, but first thing a supervisor can often have to take their place instead of doing their own job.

Now, I hate to sound so cynical but he looked and sounded perfectly fine yesterday so I'm pondering whether he simply doesn't like the work perhaps?  Too early to say I'm sure and it might be mean to speculate but I can't help but count that as a mark against him which puts me in a more favourable light should a permanent position be available.  After all, Christian's already got off on the wrong foot by being late yesterday.

That said I may be getting my hopes up over nothing - there is no guarantee until the manager says so and the earliest we may know is December.

I have mentioned the Sunday I'm unavailable and the reason for it, so that's that covered.

My shift went by fairly quickly which was very nice.  Steady stream of customers does keep you busy.  Seemed to go by in a flash!

Hmm, my throat is feeling a little off.  I'm rather prone to sore throats and colds - I don't want to be phoning in sick any time soon so I'm already sucking on some lozenges to keep anything at bay.  Can't afford the time off and don't want to make a bad impression.

Training Day

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Went in for till training this afternoon and I'm pleased to report it went well; everything seems pretty straightforward.

Out of the three in the Till Group, I was first to arrive.  I despise being late and hate rushing.  I'm also taking a change of footwear - comfy trainers for the walk to work, sensible shoes for being on the shop floor - so I need to ensure I'm there in plenty of time to swap them over.

I'd not been there more than five minutes when Jay arrived (as usual I'm not using real names here).  Half past two rolls around and I'm concerned that Christian has not yet turned up.  You DO NOT want to be late for your first day!  I'd spoken to Christian a little on our induction and he seemed like a nice chap so I was a little concerned that he wasn't here.  The supervisor takes Jay and I downstairs: it's mentioned that one of the group hasn't turned up and I can't help but notice the looks exchanged between the two supervisors - it's clearly not going to go unreported.  Moments later, Christian strolls in and for some reason he seems to think he's just in time and that he's not actually late.  We're delayed as he goes to sign in and put his coat away.

Finally, all of us together and Supervisor Lara gets straight down to business.  I must say I do like her.  She's very no nonsense and made it very clear that she won't stand for sloppiness or people being inconsiderate.  We must be here in good time for our shifts (hope Christian was paying attention) because if we're taking over the till from someone else either finishing their own shift or wanting to go on a break, then obviously we'd be holding them up and that's not a nice thing to do to your colleagues.

We're given the security aspects of the till - no serving friends and family (no problem there, I've had to observe that rule before), always ask for ID if you're not sure of someones age when buying blades etc, all basic common sense procedures.

The till is fully computerized - I have a little handheld scanner and the computer automatically flags up things that require ID or have limits on them (such as two items containing paracetamol, that kind of thing), and reminds you to ask the customer if they want cash back etc.  So it's all very easy, you just have to remember which button to press or what sub menu you need.  (So much easier than at the Shop where I had to manually type in every single product code and search endless menus for discounts and such.)

There's a snazzy little machine that takes the notes and checks them for forgeries - very nifty!  Any issues with anything all we have to do is press a button and one of the supervisors will come over to help.

After being shown the basics each of us takes a seat at one of the tills and a trained cashier stands with us as we start serving the customers.

I figured I would run into problems before too long - had a little hiccup with some change but was quickly solved. I think I'd said the wrong total (looked at the wrong figure) to the customer and we both got a little muddled - supervisor to the rescue in a flash!

I also got the opportunity to deal with a staff discount - nice young lady, she helped me with the transaction as well.  There was a high street voucher, a security tag to be removed, an ID to check, stock that wasn't wanted as the customer got to the till, a card that wouldn't go through - so I got a nice mixture of transactions to deal with which I think was excellent - the sooner I get experience of these things the easier it'll be when I'm working busy periods and there won't always be someone immediately to hand to assist.

Bar a few blank moments I think I did quite well for my first go.  :)
Best bit however was that another supervisor came over to us, apologised since she knew it was only our first day, but she need two people to work on Sunday.  Christian umm-ed and ahh-ed but Jay and I both quickly volunteered - aside from showing willingness I could certainly do with the extra money.  Bonus good news - I'll be paid time and a half!

I must mention to one of the managers tomorrow that I'm not available for one Sunday in December - other than that I'm basically available whenever I'm needed.  That covers my back and shows that I'm being considerate instead of leaving them thinking I might be available and putting me in a position of saying 'Sorry, I can't work that day.'  Best I mention as soon as possible.  I'm sure they'll understand since it's my partner's birthday and I'm planning on taking him out for the day.  :)

Looking forward to my next shift which is tomorrow afternoon.  Although I have spotted a potential problem ... seeing all those sweets and chocolate that go through the till; it doesn't half make you feel hungry!


Monday, 14 November 2011

If a job is worth doing, it's worth doing right.

I quite agree with that statement - I greatly dislike doing or seeing something done half-arsed.  Even if it's not a fancy / glamourous / important task it's a task to be done nonetheless.

Sometimes we don't even percieve the task as being important.

Take my leaflet deliveries for example.  Doesn't sound difficult but I will still faithfully trek around early each week, making sure people get them through their doors in good time to pick the bargins they want come Thursday when they'll be available.

I do a good job and I do a good job of it every week without fail.

I went out this morning and a young man delivering pizza leaflets came up to me.  He was interested in the company I was working for, what I was delivering, and how much I got paid - obviously looking for extra income and I told him he was probably best to go on the company website for their main contact number and enquire as to what was available.  I'm quite certain there are opportunties - I quite often get people come up to me asking if they can take a leaflet because they don't get one through their door.  Since they don't live on my delivery route there probably isn't someone covering their street.

Pizza Leaflet Guy thanks me for my assistance and off he goes continuing his round, as do I.

It's then that I can't help but view his handiwork, given that he has already been down several streets that I cover.  The pizza leaflet isn't big, but PL-Guy has been folding them in a haphazard manner and not so much posting them through the door but more 'just bearly held in place by the corner with the letterbox flap'.

As I went along, it was quite disappointing to see that this was true for the vast majority of his 'deliveries'.  What good is it to clip the edge of the flyer to the outside of the door like that?   They're not even in the letterbox.  All it would take would be a small gust of wind to pull them free and suddenly there's litter in people's front gardens and being blown into the road!  I observed a fair few already fallen and lost to the wind.

Some flyers had been shoved into the letterbox; alas only half-way, proping the letterbox flap wide open for cold air to blow into people's homes!   Wherever I could, I would push the pizza flyers all the way through using my own leaflets, rather than leaving them clinging for dear life to the flap edge.

I was even more surprised to see that even with a large post box with a lid on top, the flyer was hanging by a corner, tucked just under the lid.  Was it seriously too much effort to lift the lid up and actually deposit the flyer inside the box?
I can assure you, there is nothing difficult about lifting a lid!
Aside from being such a half-arsed job, what good is it to pin a flyer to the outside of someone's door?  You expect your post to have come through the door and be on the floor / in a letter-cage, or at least most of the way through the letterbox.  You can not see a flyer stuck on the outside of your front door.

Sloppy handiwork aside, what of the pizza company that has paid for these flyers?  They do this to get more business.  They've paid money for the design, the printing and the delivery in order to gain a return.  They will not get this if their potential customers are not getting the information about their products and offers!   If said pizza company does not get enough business, there's the envitable knock-on effect of having to reduce workers hours or letting people go, causing problems for the company and the people now finding themselves without enough income or no income at all.

All because someone can't push a flyer through a letterbox properly!
I dread to think what PL-Guy might do if he gets to deliver the same stuff as me.  It's bigger and heavier, it's not going to hold on by a corner, just bearly tucked under a letterbox flap - he'll probably shove it halfway through and leave the flaps wide open.

I always make sure the flaps are closed; aside from keeping people's homes warmer (and prevent people peering in), it's a simple courtesy, along with closing front-gates - if you had to open it to get onto the property, you ought to close it as you leave.

As I said earlier, delivering leaflets and flyers is a pretty straightforward task, so how on earth can someone make such a mess of it?  Is it laziness or just sheer lack of thought?

Where's the pride in doing a job well done?

Late Night

Sunday, 13 November 2011

It's a late night post for me.  I have been swinging between irritably restless and listless all day.

It may have something to do with the fact that I don't have to get up and go to work tomorrow.  It just doesn't feel 'right'.   I'm not made to be out of work - I crave the Monday-Friday routine.  OK I do have my leaflets to do tomorrow then I start my shifts on Tuesday, but it's frustrating that neither are full days of work.

Repeatedly finding myself frustrated for lack of work.  Some days I feel like I haven't accomplished anything - I do some productive things and I try to do more relaxing things (got back into playing my Xbox recently for example - haven't played it in a long time) but it doesn't change that horrible irritable feeling of 'wasting' time for lack of a better description.

I'll bet anything that I'll be one of those people who won't want to retire - I need work to keep me sane!

Assuming I haven't gone slightly insane already - it's almost exactly a year of being out of full time work.  I was climbing the walls within a few weeks.  I have a suspicion that the oncoming winter isn't helping - the half light all day makes me listless and the artificial lighting just seems far too bright so I end up with headaches.

Roll on Tuesday for some mental stimulation in a new role and brisk walks outside.  Sincerely hoping it'll make me feel better and prevent my writing of rambling posts at half eleven at night ...


Friday, 11 November 2011

I woke up a little concerned this morning.  I've been having horrible visions of Nora not finding or perhaps not opening my resignation letter thus being oblivious to my departure and would phone me this morning in a rage demanding to know why I hadn't turned up for work.

Thankfully, my concerns were unfounded.  No phone call.  Indeed I have had no contact whatsoever from her since quiting.  That's fine by me!  All I ask is that my P45 is sent to me as soon as possible - I'm not sure how long they take, maybe a week?

Anyway, I had my induction for my new job this evening.  :)

It went well and I'm to be paid for my time (bonus!) but it did consist of several jerky DVDs of health and safety procedures and slow quizzes on each section (which had some glitches setting the correct answers to wrong ones) - we were all drained of energy and lacking any focus by the time they were finished.  It's hard to concentrate on these things; we've all seen them haven't we?  Three and a half hours worth.

I was surprised that there were only five of us in attendance.  At my interview I was informed that three people were being employed for the tills and three for late evening shifts to handle stock.  There was one missing from the Evening Shift group.

We seem like a nice enough group - although two of the young men were all but silent during the whole evening (one fiddling with whatever was to hand and the other I noticed was on his phone periodically).  Aside from myself, there are two young men on the tills.   I'm still conscious of the possibility of one of us being taken on permanently - in fact, when we were shown the staff room the table was full of cakes and sweets from said individual who is retiring; today was her last day.

It remains to be seen whether the position will be offered but the manager indicated that early December is when we're most likely to be told for certain.

I now own two work tops which I've yet to try on - I'm hoping they fit; it was only after they'd been ordered that a member of staff said they tended to be on the small side.  If they don't fit comfortably I may have to ask if I can swap for the next size up.  I also have a fleece which I'm sure will be well used.

Training for the new cashiers will be on Tuesday afternoon; thereafter we have shift rotas for the next two weeks.  Shame I'll still be working on Saturdays but at least it's short shifts and it's only a twenty minute walk from home - no traffic issues anymore!

I'm rather looking forward to it. :)

Last Day!

Monday, 7 November 2011


I have left the Shop!  Typically, today did not go as planned.

Main hitch - Nora turned up.  Which is weird because she doesn't work Mondays.  With the exception of the other week when the window was broken, she hasn't worked a Monday in a very long time.

Methinks it may have something to do with the accusations of Friday.  I had been careful on Saturday to make sure that Billy counted up the cash at the end of the day so it's his signature on the envelope.  Nora has counted Fridays and Mondays.  If there's any discrepencies now, they are nothing to do with me!

I was quite miffed that Nora turned up - there's no real reason to and it's another day she has to pay two people instead of one.

I can only assume that she no longer trusts me.

Ironically, I guess she had reason to today!  I had my resignation letter ready to be left on the desk at the end of the day, with the keys posted through the door after locking up.  My plan did not change much just because she turned up unexpectedly.  At the end of the day, we locked up, she walked off down the street, I went the other way and doubled back after a few minutes to post the letter and keys through the door.

I suppose I could have said something earlier in the day but I'd already written in the letter what I was owed for working three days this month, and sod being left out of pocket when I'd already come to work for the day!

Yet if something had kicked off - had she gone off on one about not enough customers, not making enough sales and the banking discrepency ... whatever, I'd have just handed her the keys and the letter and walked out.  In a way, I'm glad that didn't happen but at the same time I now have to wait until tomorrow to find out her reaction.  If I get a phonecall I won't be answering it - it can go to voicemail so I'll have whatever she says recorded.

Such mixed feelings but I do think I've done the right thing, considering how she's treated me over the past eight months.   I shouldn't go home in tears, dreading going to work again and miserably counting the days inbetween, hating the days Nora will be there etc.  Toxic environment and I'm better off out of it.

No denying it's a risk to take a temp job but it's got to be an improvement on the Shop.  Whilst there's no guarantee of a permanent position afterwards I'm hoping working as a cashier on a proper till will help find similar work should I find similar vacancies.

Oh, I found a fortune cookie slip in my bag the other morning after I got the call for my new job:

Tough times never last, but tough people always do


Saturday, 5 November 2011

I have worked my last Saturday at the Shop.

Billy actually turned up, but he was late yet again.  Today's excuse - the toilet in the basement flooded.  And what?  You couldn't phone to say you'd be late?  Oh your mobile phone isn't working properly?  Does your home not have a land line??  Strange how I'm also able to call you on your mobile and observe you using it throughout the day (when he's not on Facebook that is).

Long, dull day but at least it's over with.

I shall have my 'day of rest' tomorrow and anticipate my final day at the Shop.  It's going to be such a relief to walk out of those doors one final time.

Results are in

Friday, 4 November 2011

Sadly, I have been unsuccessful in securing the full time office job.  I was waiting on tenterhooks all day long for the phone call, but none came.  Upon checking my email when I got home I found a reply and an apology but the other candidate came from a similar company background so that clinched it for her.

It's disappointing but they offered to keep my details to hand should another position come up.  (Who knows, maybe this other girl won't stay long ... OK, it's wistful thinking.)


I've been offered the temporary Christmas job!

Yes, my smile was that big at the news!
I know it's a risk taking it given that there's no guarantee I will be offered a permanent position in the New Year but it's a chance I'm willing to take.

This job will allow me to save a lot of money as it's close enough to walk thus no spend on petrol and parking.  I'll also get a staff discount after a few weeks - and they sell useful stuff - what good is a discount on jewellery to me?

The manager seems very nice and I'm looking forward to starting work there.

I've just written my resignation letter.   My daydreams of walking out on Nora with dramatic flair and feelings of liberation are fun to entertain but I will do this as professionally as I can ... given that Nora accused me of stealing today.

Yes, you read that correctly.  I've been accused of stealing money from the till!

I would never steal!  I'm not that kind of person!   When I was a kid, maybe seven years old, I picked up a little trinket box someone had brought to school but dropped on the playing field by the playground.  At first I thought of keeping it myself as it was so pretty, but before the day was out I felt so guilty about wanting to keep it I went and put in the lost property box, then said to the girl who owned that I thought I might have seen her box in there (I was scared to give it straight back and confess I'd had it most of the day, I'll admit, I was cowardly!  But I still did the right thing in a roundabout way) - that's the closest I've ever come to stealing anything!

The problem is that the money to be banked doesn't add up.  £20 is missing.  End of each day, the cash to be banked is counted, sealed in an envelope and signed half across the flap - so you can see if it's been opened later.  Every couple of days all the envelopes are opened and the cash counted up again, as it was today.  £20 is missing from somewhere and Nora has decided that it's missing from the banking I did on Monday.   I have no answer to give for why it's down, but I know I counted £150 exactly, several times over to make sure which I always do, and sealed that amount in the envelope.

Nora sat me down and spoke to me sternly that the money hadn't added up, demanding suggestions for why it was so.  I have no answer - the cash I counted for Monday was correct, I can only assume she's possibly muddled it with one of the other days cash and the twenty is missing from elsewhere.  Perhaps one day was miscounted?  Has the note been dropped?  There's various possibilities but I can assure you, I did NOT take anything.

Nora, sighing and shaking her head, says 'I won't take it out of your wages this time.'   At which point I asked her pointblank was she accusing me of stealing the money.  She said no, she wasn't - but what other way can I take that?

Why should the money come out of my wages when I have not done anything wrong??  Surely she can't dock my pay like that?   And the phrase 'this time' implies that when we next have a discrepancy she'll take the money off of me regardless of the situation!

Suffice to say I almost walked out there and then.  But I hadn't received my job offer at that point of the morning.

So my resignation letter has been written, essentially stating that having been accused of stealing I feel my position isn't tenable any longer and that I am resigning.

I will NOT work for someone who thinks it's OK to falsely accuse staff of stealing and threaten to take their hard-earned money for something that is not their fault!

It's not on.

Therefore, I will work tomorrow (with Billy, if he turns up) and Monday - leaving my letter of resignation for her to find on Tuesday morning.

Normally, I'd provide notice but in this instance I don't think she deserves it.  I deserve to be treated better than this!


Thursday, 3 November 2011

I'm pleased to say that both interviews today went very well.

First one - temporary Christmas role, but potential for someone to be hired as permanent in the new year - went swimmingly.  The manager seems very nice and the work straightforward.  He confirmed that there were seven candidates in all, but considering the first one was late (and as a consequence all the others were running behind) with a vague excuse about a sick dog .. well, it's pretty much down to six candidate for three available positions.   Essentially it's 50-50 odds on my getting a job.

Second interview was more of a 'meet the boss' general chat.  It appears that it's between me and one other girl.  I'm hoping my ability to start as early as next week might just tip the scales in my favour a little.  So, it's a 50-50 chance of getting this job too.

Both jobs I will hear about tomorrow.

Sucks a little that I'm working tomorrow - I had visions of being offered the office job on the spot and driving over to the Shop to hand my keys in ... alas, there are more interviews on the first job to be done and the office job will be discussed tonight.  All successful candidates will be contacted tomorrow.

Shall be keeping an ear out for my phone, but worst case scenario it goes to answer phone.

I'm praying for the office job. :)  But I won't say no to the other one if I miss out (and I'm fairly confident I've at least got the temp job).

Roll on tomorrow!

One Step Closer

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Short and sweet but my interview obviously went well as I've been invited back for a second interview and I'll get to meet the boss!  :)

So pleased!  Looks like a nice enough place to work.  I have been warned, however, that the two bosses (a married couple) are quite set in their ways and can be a bit difficult at times.  Well, they can't be worse than Nora!  At the end of the day, I don't intend to stay there forever.  It's full time and in my home town so I'll be earning more and will be able to start putting money in my savings account again which I have not been able to do for some time.

I still want to get into dental nursing but until that opportunity comes along, this one could do quite nicely!

When I arrived I skimmed the visitors book, looking for other candidates, just to get an idea of how many people I'm up against.  I spotted two obvious ones but didn't get a chance to look for any more or else they simply didn't put 'interview' down as their reason for visiting.  But in any case, the two men that interviewed me seemed very nice, and as I was being shown back out, I was informed that one candidate who had been interviewed the day before had turned up wearing a cowboy hat!

Interview attire - this ain't it!
I polished my shoes last night and had a minor panic this morning when I couldn't find the pair of socks I'd put aside to wear with them.  Black trousers and a smart blouse/shirt that I keep for interviews, hair tied back and minimal plain jewellery.  That's how I tend to dress for job interviews - plain, smart and professional.  I would never wear a hat!

Who let that girl go to an interview wearing a cowboy hat??  There's an endless list of Things Not to Wear to a Job Interview and I'm fairly certain silly hats are near the top.  She must have either thought she was doing something to make herself memorable or delibrately trying not to get the job (perhaps she wants to stay on benefits but told she must attend interviews in order to be able to keep claiming?  Wouldn't be the first I've heard of it).  Third option is she's just plain clueless about dressing appropriately.

I'm rather hoping that that puts me ahead of her in the running for this job.  A second girl apparently stated that she wanted to work in a larger busier office with lots of people.  Since this one is rather small, only a handful of people, that might rule her out too.

So potentially two less competitors for the job.  That's fine by me!

Roll on Thursday and my next two interviews.

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