Training Day

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Went in for till training this afternoon and I'm pleased to report it went well; everything seems pretty straightforward.

Out of the three in the Till Group, I was first to arrive.  I despise being late and hate rushing.  I'm also taking a change of footwear - comfy trainers for the walk to work, sensible shoes for being on the shop floor - so I need to ensure I'm there in plenty of time to swap them over.

I'd not been there more than five minutes when Jay arrived (as usual I'm not using real names here).  Half past two rolls around and I'm concerned that Christian has not yet turned up.  You DO NOT want to be late for your first day!  I'd spoken to Christian a little on our induction and he seemed like a nice chap so I was a little concerned that he wasn't here.  The supervisor takes Jay and I downstairs: it's mentioned that one of the group hasn't turned up and I can't help but notice the looks exchanged between the two supervisors - it's clearly not going to go unreported.  Moments later, Christian strolls in and for some reason he seems to think he's just in time and that he's not actually late.  We're delayed as he goes to sign in and put his coat away.

Finally, all of us together and Supervisor Lara gets straight down to business.  I must say I do like her.  She's very no nonsense and made it very clear that she won't stand for sloppiness or people being inconsiderate.  We must be here in good time for our shifts (hope Christian was paying attention) because if we're taking over the till from someone else either finishing their own shift or wanting to go on a break, then obviously we'd be holding them up and that's not a nice thing to do to your colleagues.

We're given the security aspects of the till - no serving friends and family (no problem there, I've had to observe that rule before), always ask for ID if you're not sure of someones age when buying blades etc, all basic common sense procedures.

The till is fully computerized - I have a little handheld scanner and the computer automatically flags up things that require ID or have limits on them (such as two items containing paracetamol, that kind of thing), and reminds you to ask the customer if they want cash back etc.  So it's all very easy, you just have to remember which button to press or what sub menu you need.  (So much easier than at the Shop where I had to manually type in every single product code and search endless menus for discounts and such.)

There's a snazzy little machine that takes the notes and checks them for forgeries - very nifty!  Any issues with anything all we have to do is press a button and one of the supervisors will come over to help.

After being shown the basics each of us takes a seat at one of the tills and a trained cashier stands with us as we start serving the customers.

I figured I would run into problems before too long - had a little hiccup with some change but was quickly solved. I think I'd said the wrong total (looked at the wrong figure) to the customer and we both got a little muddled - supervisor to the rescue in a flash!

I also got the opportunity to deal with a staff discount - nice young lady, she helped me with the transaction as well.  There was a high street voucher, a security tag to be removed, an ID to check, stock that wasn't wanted as the customer got to the till, a card that wouldn't go through - so I got a nice mixture of transactions to deal with which I think was excellent - the sooner I get experience of these things the easier it'll be when I'm working busy periods and there won't always be someone immediately to hand to assist.

Bar a few blank moments I think I did quite well for my first go.  :)
Best bit however was that another supervisor came over to us, apologised since she knew it was only our first day, but she need two people to work on Sunday.  Christian umm-ed and ahh-ed but Jay and I both quickly volunteered - aside from showing willingness I could certainly do with the extra money.  Bonus good news - I'll be paid time and a half!

I must mention to one of the managers tomorrow that I'm not available for one Sunday in December - other than that I'm basically available whenever I'm needed.  That covers my back and shows that I'm being considerate instead of leaving them thinking I might be available and putting me in a position of saying 'Sorry, I can't work that day.'  Best I mention as soon as possible.  I'm sure they'll understand since it's my partner's birthday and I'm planning on taking him out for the day.  :)

Looking forward to my next shift which is tomorrow afternoon.  Although I have spotted a potential problem ... seeing all those sweets and chocolate that go through the till; it doesn't half make you feel hungry!


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