Thursday, 3 November 2011

I'm pleased to say that both interviews today went very well.

First one - temporary Christmas role, but potential for someone to be hired as permanent in the new year - went swimmingly.  The manager seems very nice and the work straightforward.  He confirmed that there were seven candidates in all, but considering the first one was late (and as a consequence all the others were running behind) with a vague excuse about a sick dog .. well, it's pretty much down to six candidate for three available positions.   Essentially it's 50-50 odds on my getting a job.

Second interview was more of a 'meet the boss' general chat.  It appears that it's between me and one other girl.  I'm hoping my ability to start as early as next week might just tip the scales in my favour a little.  So, it's a 50-50 chance of getting this job too.

Both jobs I will hear about tomorrow.

Sucks a little that I'm working tomorrow - I had visions of being offered the office job on the spot and driving over to the Shop to hand my keys in ... alas, there are more interviews on the first job to be done and the office job will be discussed tonight.  All successful candidates will be contacted tomorrow.

Shall be keeping an ear out for my phone, but worst case scenario it goes to answer phone.

I'm praying for the office job. :)  But I won't say no to the other one if I miss out (and I'm fairly confident I've at least got the temp job).

Roll on tomorrow!


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