First Shift

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Worked my first proper shift today.  I did ask if someone could continue to 'mind' me for a while just in case I went blank on anything.  I do find it extremely helpful since I am still very new and picking things up.  I'm sure it'll get easier, considering I'm working through to next Wednesday without a day off I should be perfect by then!

Recall that Christian was late yesterday?  Well, Jay didn't do himself any favours by phoning in sick this morning.  If you are genuinely ill, first proper shift at work is bloody awful timing and bad luck. The supervisor probably wasn't too happy with that since Jay was on the early shift - the afternoon shift wouldn't have been so bad, you've got time to call someone in to cover, but first thing a supervisor can often have to take their place instead of doing their own job.

Now, I hate to sound so cynical but he looked and sounded perfectly fine yesterday so I'm pondering whether he simply doesn't like the work perhaps?  Too early to say I'm sure and it might be mean to speculate but I can't help but count that as a mark against him which puts me in a more favourable light should a permanent position be available.  After all, Christian's already got off on the wrong foot by being late yesterday.

That said I may be getting my hopes up over nothing - there is no guarantee until the manager says so and the earliest we may know is December.

I have mentioned the Sunday I'm unavailable and the reason for it, so that's that covered.

My shift went by fairly quickly which was very nice.  Steady stream of customers does keep you busy.  Seemed to go by in a flash!

Hmm, my throat is feeling a little off.  I'm rather prone to sore throats and colds - I don't want to be phoning in sick any time soon so I'm already sucking on some lozenges to keep anything at bay.  Can't afford the time off and don't want to make a bad impression.


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