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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Whoops.  Did not intend to go for a week without blogging anything!  In my defence I have been quite busy with work and my free time has been sucked into playing Skyrim (such an awesome game!) - but I'm feeling the urge to write again.

It's been more than a month than my last Christmas shopping post so it's about time I mentioned something about my progress.

At last count, I'd purchased three presents at total cost of £22.69.   [To recap, my budget is £10 per person but I will go up to £15 maximum if necessary.]

Next up, my aunt and uncle, whom I always find difficult to buy for.

Gift #4 - aunt ~ scarf and gloves set, bar of scented soap

It's an odd mix I know, but this is thanks to my mother who happened to have the set and the soap already and suggested them and only asked for £6 for the lot.  Cheers mum!

Gift #5 - uncle ~ bird table/bath and big bag of bird seed

Yet again it's my mum to the rescue, my uncle being even harder to buy for than my aunt.  Spotted during one of our weekly food shopping trips, it seems that my uncle is in the midst of adding various features to his garden and this hanging bird table also doubles as a bath so it'll suit him either way and the seeds can be put anywhere.  Table: £5.99.  Seed: £1.29

Gift #6 - older brother ~ boxers and snacks

I should entitle this post as 'people who are awkward to buy for' - I seem to be picking my mum's brain a lot of present ideas.  But over the years it does get harder, particularly if they don't really have any hobbies or collect things, yet ask for the same kind of thing every year which is fine since they want them but as the giver of the gift you do feel bad for not being able to give them something different.  There's only so many years in a row you can buy someone socks!   Not that I went with anything much different, but apparently my older brother is in need of boxers so Tesco came in with an £8 pack and I've bought some savoury snacks which he likes to nibble on as he's not one for chocolate.  Two packs for £1.38

Gift #7 - younger brother ~ bottle of Jack Daniels

Finally!  Someone straightforward in what they want.  Actually, little brother has asked for money primarily but I said I'd to give him at least some little thing to unwrap and he came up with a suggestion of Jack Daniels which I wasn't even aware that he drank - but he loves the stuff so off to Tescos for a bottle at £10.97.  Pity I couldn't afford the next size up but I'm still on a budget here!  If money isn't too tight by the end I'll add a fiver in with his Christmas card.

So that's the immediate family just about sorted!  So far I'm under budget with an average spend of just over £8 per person.

Running Total: 7 presents at £56.32


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