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Friday, 4 November 2011

Sadly, I have been unsuccessful in securing the full time office job.  I was waiting on tenterhooks all day long for the phone call, but none came.  Upon checking my email when I got home I found a reply and an apology but the other candidate came from a similar company background so that clinched it for her.

It's disappointing but they offered to keep my details to hand should another position come up.  (Who knows, maybe this other girl won't stay long ... OK, it's wistful thinking.)


I've been offered the temporary Christmas job!

Yes, my smile was that big at the news!
I know it's a risk taking it given that there's no guarantee I will be offered a permanent position in the New Year but it's a chance I'm willing to take.

This job will allow me to save a lot of money as it's close enough to walk thus no spend on petrol and parking.  I'll also get a staff discount after a few weeks - and they sell useful stuff - what good is a discount on jewellery to me?

The manager seems very nice and I'm looking forward to starting work there.

I've just written my resignation letter.   My daydreams of walking out on Nora with dramatic flair and feelings of liberation are fun to entertain but I will do this as professionally as I can ... given that Nora accused me of stealing today.

Yes, you read that correctly.  I've been accused of stealing money from the till!

I would never steal!  I'm not that kind of person!   When I was a kid, maybe seven years old, I picked up a little trinket box someone had brought to school but dropped on the playing field by the playground.  At first I thought of keeping it myself as it was so pretty, but before the day was out I felt so guilty about wanting to keep it I went and put in the lost property box, then said to the girl who owned that I thought I might have seen her box in there (I was scared to give it straight back and confess I'd had it most of the day, I'll admit, I was cowardly!  But I still did the right thing in a roundabout way) - that's the closest I've ever come to stealing anything!

The problem is that the money to be banked doesn't add up.  £20 is missing.  End of each day, the cash to be banked is counted, sealed in an envelope and signed half across the flap - so you can see if it's been opened later.  Every couple of days all the envelopes are opened and the cash counted up again, as it was today.  £20 is missing from somewhere and Nora has decided that it's missing from the banking I did on Monday.   I have no answer to give for why it's down, but I know I counted £150 exactly, several times over to make sure which I always do, and sealed that amount in the envelope.

Nora sat me down and spoke to me sternly that the money hadn't added up, demanding suggestions for why it was so.  I have no answer - the cash I counted for Monday was correct, I can only assume she's possibly muddled it with one of the other days cash and the twenty is missing from elsewhere.  Perhaps one day was miscounted?  Has the note been dropped?  There's various possibilities but I can assure you, I did NOT take anything.

Nora, sighing and shaking her head, says 'I won't take it out of your wages this time.'   At which point I asked her pointblank was she accusing me of stealing the money.  She said no, she wasn't - but what other way can I take that?

Why should the money come out of my wages when I have not done anything wrong??  Surely she can't dock my pay like that?   And the phrase 'this time' implies that when we next have a discrepancy she'll take the money off of me regardless of the situation!

Suffice to say I almost walked out there and then.  But I hadn't received my job offer at that point of the morning.

So my resignation letter has been written, essentially stating that having been accused of stealing I feel my position isn't tenable any longer and that I am resigning.

I will NOT work for someone who thinks it's OK to falsely accuse staff of stealing and threaten to take their hard-earned money for something that is not their fault!

It's not on.

Therefore, I will work tomorrow (with Billy, if he turns up) and Monday - leaving my letter of resignation for her to find on Tuesday morning.

Normally, I'd provide notice but in this instance I don't think she deserves it.  I deserve to be treated better than this!


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