Friday, 11 November 2011

I woke up a little concerned this morning.  I've been having horrible visions of Nora not finding or perhaps not opening my resignation letter thus being oblivious to my departure and would phone me this morning in a rage demanding to know why I hadn't turned up for work.

Thankfully, my concerns were unfounded.  No phone call.  Indeed I have had no contact whatsoever from her since quiting.  That's fine by me!  All I ask is that my P45 is sent to me as soon as possible - I'm not sure how long they take, maybe a week?

Anyway, I had my induction for my new job this evening.  :)

It went well and I'm to be paid for my time (bonus!) but it did consist of several jerky DVDs of health and safety procedures and slow quizzes on each section (which had some glitches setting the correct answers to wrong ones) - we were all drained of energy and lacking any focus by the time they were finished.  It's hard to concentrate on these things; we've all seen them haven't we?  Three and a half hours worth.

I was surprised that there were only five of us in attendance.  At my interview I was informed that three people were being employed for the tills and three for late evening shifts to handle stock.  There was one missing from the Evening Shift group.

We seem like a nice enough group - although two of the young men were all but silent during the whole evening (one fiddling with whatever was to hand and the other I noticed was on his phone periodically).  Aside from myself, there are two young men on the tills.   I'm still conscious of the possibility of one of us being taken on permanently - in fact, when we were shown the staff room the table was full of cakes and sweets from said individual who is retiring; today was her last day.

It remains to be seen whether the position will be offered but the manager indicated that early December is when we're most likely to be told for certain.

I now own two work tops which I've yet to try on - I'm hoping they fit; it was only after they'd been ordered that a member of staff said they tended to be on the small side.  If they don't fit comfortably I may have to ask if I can swap for the next size up.  I also have a fleece which I'm sure will be well used.

Training for the new cashiers will be on Tuesday afternoon; thereafter we have shift rotas for the next two weeks.  Shame I'll still be working on Saturdays but at least it's short shifts and it's only a twenty minute walk from home - no traffic issues anymore!

I'm rather looking forward to it. :)


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