One Down

Friday, 18 November 2011

Jay has not returned.

Yesterday, one of the supervisors mentioned that Jay 'hasn't turned up'.  So much for being sick I guess! I did wonder at the time whether he was unaware that he ought to phone in every day he is off ill, but since he has not turned up today either, it's pretty apparent that he doesn't want the job after all.

I wonder whether they'll contact anyone else they interviewed to offer them some work.  Trouble is, Christian and I have already gone through the induction and training so the staff would have to do that all over again for one person, so I'm somewhat doubtful another person will be taken on now.

My own shifts are going reasonably well.  There are lights on the till that come on when you ring for a supervisors assistance - I keep forgetting to turn it off afterwards: must work harder to remember that!

The manager himself nearly made me late for my first morning shift today.  I hadn't seen him since my interview so he was keen to have a quick chat as to how I was getting on, but he unwittingly held me up as I was trying to get downstairs - literally I had just reached the tills when my name was called over the announcement system!  0_o  That was embarrassing but I hurried over and got set up pretty quick.

Other than that, no major issues and so far everybody has been nice to me and seems to think I'm doing fine.

My one concern is that customers seem to know that I'm new - 'You're smiling - must be new here!'  Clearly not been here long enough for the enthusiasm to wear off!


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