Monday, 14 November 2011

If a job is worth doing, it's worth doing right.

I quite agree with that statement - I greatly dislike doing or seeing something done half-arsed.  Even if it's not a fancy / glamourous / important task it's a task to be done nonetheless.

Sometimes we don't even percieve the task as being important.

Take my leaflet deliveries for example.  Doesn't sound difficult but I will still faithfully trek around early each week, making sure people get them through their doors in good time to pick the bargins they want come Thursday when they'll be available.

I do a good job and I do a good job of it every week without fail.

I went out this morning and a young man delivering pizza leaflets came up to me.  He was interested in the company I was working for, what I was delivering, and how much I got paid - obviously looking for extra income and I told him he was probably best to go on the company website for their main contact number and enquire as to what was available.  I'm quite certain there are opportunties - I quite often get people come up to me asking if they can take a leaflet because they don't get one through their door.  Since they don't live on my delivery route there probably isn't someone covering their street.

Pizza Leaflet Guy thanks me for my assistance and off he goes continuing his round, as do I.

It's then that I can't help but view his handiwork, given that he has already been down several streets that I cover.  The pizza leaflet isn't big, but PL-Guy has been folding them in a haphazard manner and not so much posting them through the door but more 'just bearly held in place by the corner with the letterbox flap'.

As I went along, it was quite disappointing to see that this was true for the vast majority of his 'deliveries'.  What good is it to clip the edge of the flyer to the outside of the door like that?   They're not even in the letterbox.  All it would take would be a small gust of wind to pull them free and suddenly there's litter in people's front gardens and being blown into the road!  I observed a fair few already fallen and lost to the wind.

Some flyers had been shoved into the letterbox; alas only half-way, proping the letterbox flap wide open for cold air to blow into people's homes!   Wherever I could, I would push the pizza flyers all the way through using my own leaflets, rather than leaving them clinging for dear life to the flap edge.

I was even more surprised to see that even with a large post box with a lid on top, the flyer was hanging by a corner, tucked just under the lid.  Was it seriously too much effort to lift the lid up and actually deposit the flyer inside the box?
I can assure you, there is nothing difficult about lifting a lid!
Aside from being such a half-arsed job, what good is it to pin a flyer to the outside of someone's door?  You expect your post to have come through the door and be on the floor / in a letter-cage, or at least most of the way through the letterbox.  You can not see a flyer stuck on the outside of your front door.

Sloppy handiwork aside, what of the pizza company that has paid for these flyers?  They do this to get more business.  They've paid money for the design, the printing and the delivery in order to gain a return.  They will not get this if their potential customers are not getting the information about their products and offers!   If said pizza company does not get enough business, there's the envitable knock-on effect of having to reduce workers hours or letting people go, causing problems for the company and the people now finding themselves without enough income or no income at all.

All because someone can't push a flyer through a letterbox properly!
I dread to think what PL-Guy might do if he gets to deliver the same stuff as me.  It's bigger and heavier, it's not going to hold on by a corner, just bearly tucked under a letterbox flap - he'll probably shove it halfway through and leave the flaps wide open.

I always make sure the flaps are closed; aside from keeping people's homes warmer (and prevent people peering in), it's a simple courtesy, along with closing front-gates - if you had to open it to get onto the property, you ought to close it as you leave.

As I said earlier, delivering leaflets and flyers is a pretty straightforward task, so how on earth can someone make such a mess of it?  Is it laziness or just sheer lack of thought?

Where's the pride in doing a job well done?


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