Wednesday, 1 February 2012

It amazes me that some people can be rude yet blissfully unaware of it, only to then take offence and accuse you of rudeness.


Woman with a pram comes to my till - she's talking loudly on her mobile phone, dumps half her stuff on my till and then, tells me that she's going to get something.   Off she goes, leaving all her shopping on the till, strolling down the aisle as if she has all the time in the world.   I have no idea what she's gone to fetch, whether she's going to be a minute or ten.

I lug the rest of her shopping out of the basket, put the basket in the stack, sit and scan everything through.  She's still not back.  So I start packing her stuff up.  I fill four bags and she's still not back.  Nothing more I can do but sit and wait.

Other shoppers come up to the till - I politely inform them that someone has gone to fetch something and should be back in a minute (I hope!).  A queue forms.

Finally, the woman comes back.  She sees the queue and just stands at the end of the aisle.  I catch her eye and gesture for her to come down.  She just looks at the queue and says 'Can't,' shrugging and stays put.

How about a simple 'Excuse me, please' to the people in front of you?  They have no objection to moving aside for you and standing at the end of the queue isn't exactly helping anyone.  You're the one holding up everybody else.

So I raise my voice a little to make sure everyone hears and asks them all if they could step aside to let her through with the pram.  Naturally, everyone does so.

Woman reaches the till, dumps her stuff and snaps at me, 'You didn't have to roll your eyes!!'


I most certainly did not roll my eyes.  Granted I may have looked a little exasperated at her inconsiderate (lack of) action, but I would not be so rude as to roll my eyes at someone.

She continues to mutter darkly about me rolling my eyes, not a word of thanks for having got the rest of her shopping sorted out ready to go for her - nope, not a peep.  I did say to her that she could have said 'excuse me' to the people in line and they would have let her through, but no, that's apparently out of line too.

I scan the new items she's been fetching (she must have wandered around the whole shop for them, none of them were displayed anywhere near each other), she throws them into the bags, snatches her change out of my hand (scratching me with her nails) and stomps off, moaning 'I'm going to talk to your manager!!!'

Fine, you do that.

It's just plain rude to leave half your stuff at the till and wander off to get the rest.  Get all your shopping BEFORE you come to the till, or else pay for what you've got, then go back.  That way you are not going to hold up a queue and effectively block a till.   Further more, the words 'excuse me please' are very simply and easy to pronounce.  They do wonders for allowing you to move to where you need to be.  Most people are not offended by good manners.

Neither the manager or any of the supervisors said anything to me about.  It's water off a ducks back when you complain about imagined rudeness to be frank.  They've known me for a few months now, they know very well how polite I am and would never roll my eyes at someone in the manner you made out - yes, I overheard you embellishing your complaint, I was within earshot.  I also know by the managers face that he doesn't believe you.

Oh, and she left one her bags behind.  With any luck it'll be really inconvenient for her to come back to get it.


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