Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Thanks to Google Earth I've finally got around to figuring out just how far I walk every week whilst delivering my leaflets.

I've worked it out at 3.75 miles.  That's just the pavements walked, I might add.  If you factor in the additional travelling distance of walking up and down people's driveways or paths, then there's easily an extra mile in there.

Effectively, I'm walking the best part of 5 miles.

That may sound a lot to some people. but for me it's not that big a deal.  Ever since I was little I've been happily walking places; pre-school (a five minute toddle on little legs), first school, middle school, secondary, college (although I switched to a bike after a while), and then with the exception of two jobs I've always walked to work.

I do use my car for my second job, after all it is 11 miles away!  And of course travelling to see my boyfriend.  Those are distances that are too far to walk.  Everywhere else, I do my best to walk.  Not only does it save me money on petrol but it is healthier too.  I didn't realise just how much benefit it had until I switched from my office job to another that required me to drive.  I went from walking approximately 2 miles every weekday to doing none ... well, a little potbelly started sneaking up on me as I wasn't exercising enough to keep it at bay!

To have a job whereby I can be active and get outside is without doubt of great benefit to me.  Physically, it helps maintain my weight and mentally as I'm not stuck indoors going stir-crazy!

Guess the only potential problem I have is just how long my trainers will last!


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