Friday, 15 July 2011

Recall my recent "Blood Boiling" post?

I received some welcome news today, following on from Billy's irresponsible attitude of not bothering to come to work.

In Nora's words - "I think it's best that he doesn't work for his mother anymore."

Forgive me, but - woohoo!!!!

Billy is job hunting!  Technically he is still employed at the Shop for the time being, but it appears that in recent days he has been going to the Job Centre and coming home with reams of paper listing jobs to apply for.

Best of luck kid because you sure as hell are going to need it!!

Let's recap:  Billy is 19 years old, he has just finished college having studied music, and the only job he has had is at his mother's shop (and as far as I'm aware, he's not been employed here for much longer than I have).  I've no idea what kind of job he is looking for - I know he ideally wants to work in music, but as yet he has no idea if he'll be going to University.

That will work against him - even Nora isn't keen on hiring someone who is going off to University.  It's a waste of her time to train someone up who then leaves for ages and may not even come back.  That's unfair and presumptuous I know, but there's no denying that it does count against you if the potential boss needs someone who is guaranteed to stick around. Nora admitted that she would rather employ someone who has finished University already.

Added to that is his age and limited experience.  Points for having a job already, but the thought occurs to me; what do employers think of people who give a parent as a reference?  Yes, his mother is also his boss, but wouldn't you be concerned of the reference being a tad bias?  Then again, who else would he ask?  Me!?

Had he not pulled such a childish stunt recently I'd have been happy to provide him with a more credible reference.  Technically I am his supervisor and I get bonus points for being unrelated.  Billy has therefore shot himself right in the foot because I will not provide a reference for him, assuming he even has the cheek to ask.

Incidentally, despite Nora's assurance that Billy would phone me to apologise for his behaviour, I have not had any contact from him at all ... reload gun, aim at other foot.

I know this sounds rather mean but I am so pleased to hear he's actually in the same boat as me now.  Perhaps he'll gain a better appreciation of just how hard it is to get a job and the light to dawn on him about just how lucky he is.  Seriously, if it took me about five months to this job with a solid ten-year work history of good jobs, lots of skills and experience and good references ... just how long is it going to take him to find something?  He better not be picky that's all I'm saying!

That means that the Shop will have to hire someone new!  I pray it's someone with a more mature attitude.


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