The Eleventh Hour

Friday, 21 October 2011

I figured it was going to happen sooner or later.  Today was almost that day.

The dreaded day when I'm on my own at the Shop and there is not one single sale.

Back when I first started work here I was particularly fearful of this day.  On several occasions I wouldn't have a sale until nearly 1 or 2 in the afternoon.  That's quite nerve wracking for someone who dreads phoning the boss up and having to inform her of the disastrous takings.

Yet in spite of many quiet mornings, it always picked up.  Didn't always take a lot of money but at least I took some.

Today ... no sales during the morning.  Not worried, you get them semi-regularly; a few people pop in for a look or just to ask a question and go on their way.  2pm rolls around ... hmm, still no sales and it's weirdly quiet.  Not just 'not many people around', more 'Seriously, there's nobody around - have I missed the zombie apocalypse announcement??'

My trepidation steady grows as the clock ticks round to 3pm ... 4pm ... half 4pm ... oh good god, today is that day.  "Sorry, Nora, didn't take a damn penny today!"

Frustratingly, there were a number of people who came in, but they all insisted that they were "just looking", mainly for ideas, either for what to buy people for Christmas, or something they themselves would like so they can tell friends and family what they want.   That's all fine, but they all wanted to 'just look'.

Then, at the Eleventh Hour (or at least twenty to five) a woman came in with her young daughter looking for an 18th birthday present for her niece.

One pretty pair of dangly silver earrings and a smart shaped bangle later and I finally have a sale of just under £50.

I am relieved and phone Nora with revived confidence with the meagre takings.  She wasn't exactly happy with the small amount but as far as I'm concerned it's better than nothing at all!

My main concern is that these quiet days and lack of takings mean the Shop isn't taking enough to keep it going.   Seriously, last month we only hit our target about four or five times.   I'll admit the target is sometimes ridiculously high and a few times we've been perhaps £10 or £20 short, but it's a growing concern.


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