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Monday, 10 October 2011

So much for meeting Nora's daughter on Saturday.  I got a phone call from Nora around ten to tell me that both her children have 'come down with the lurgy', so I'll be working on my own.

That's not so bad.  I was a bit apprehensive of meeting her daughter, or rather talking to her and either being honest about my thoughts of working at the Shop or having to be very guarded about my opinions.  Billy was quite forthright in that he feels that Nora isn't a good boss and doesn't treat either of us well.  But her daughter is nearer my age and I have no idea how good their relationship is, hence my apprehension.  Although at the same time it would have been nice to have someone to chat to about anything!

However, that's not the end of the phone call.  Recall how Nora is off on holiday this week and gave all those extra days to Billy rather than me?  Well, guess who Nora needs now?  Yep - muggins here!

But I'm not being a mug this time!

Since I was not allocated any extra days, I made plans.  I'm delivering my leaflets tomorrow as usual, then I'm off to London with friends for a music festival.  Given how late I'm likely to get back, I had planned on staying over at my boyfriends' and going home on Wednesday morning.

I inform Nora than I'm not available Tuesday or Wednesday, but I could do Thursday.

All of a sudden, Nora seems very interested in what I do outside of work (which she never does) - what am I doing?  Am I working?  Is it something I could get out of?

I don't think so!

Don't get me wrong - I need the extra cash, no denying it, but why should I abandon my plans when she never considered giving me those days in the first place?  Now her son has the sniffles, suddenly I'm needed again?   Please bear in mind that this is Saturday morning.  What's to say he won't feel better by Tuesday anyway?

I'm quite firm against Nora's rather persistent verbal probing - no, I'm not available, no it's not something I can change.  Aside from anything else, the tickets have been paid for, plans are set and I'm the designated driver (I rarely drink) so it'll inconvenience others if I drop out.  Which I won't.  Not for Nora. 

I was vague as to what my plans were exactly but I made it clear that they could not be changed.  She even attempted to make me feel guilty by saying I might have to put a sign up to say the Shop would be closed on Tuesday ... as if I'd actually feel bad and say of course I'll come in!  Sorry but Thursday is all I can do if needed and Nora hangs up.

A little while later I get another call.  Could I do Thursday?  Billy is feeling a bit better today so he'll do Tuesday and Wednesday.

Pardon me?  I offered to do Thursday because Billy is ill.  Suddenly he's well enough to commit to Tuesday and Wednesday but not Thursday?   I'm not the only one confused by that, am I?  Especially by the 'he's feeling a bit better today' comment.  If he was unwell yesterday (Friday), why did she not mention it and discuss the possibility of my working this week when she was at the Shop with me on Friday?  Why wait until Saturday morning and bring it up in spite of him feeling better?

Forgive my suspicious nature but it just wasn't ringing true to me.  Perhaps he is indeed ill, but what's with ditching Thursday?  If you're well enough to do Tues/Weds then you're well enough to do Thursday as well.

I was quite annoyed by that all of Saturday, but now I figure it's extra money in my pocket and it's a day of work without Nora.  I can't really lose on that score!

Had I not had any plans, I would have jumped at the chance for some more money.  Yet I weigh the options - £100-odd extra cash but stuck in a dark and dingy lonely little shop all day versus a great day out with friends.

I'm making the right choice for me!  I will have a fantastic time tomorrow!  :)


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