Christmas Eve

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Well, I can certainly say that it's quite a blessing to know that I still have a job to go to next week.  I overheard someone today saying that Christian was the only temp not to be kept on.

Quite how long each of us is being kept on for, I do not know.  I'm the only one on the tills, the other two are evening-shift / shelf stackers, so I've not actually seen them since our induction.

I feel some sympathy for Christian - no work guaranteed for after Christmas, the uncertaincy of whether he'll be able to find something soon ... but at the same time I just don't feel that he applied himself to the job he had.  He was late for the training day and, he confessed to me the other day, he'd come into work with a hangover!  Call me crazy, but those are things you do not do if you want to stay in the job. Christian doesn't think anyone noticed but the supervisors are a sharp bunch.  I'll be really surprised if no one picked up on it.  Perhaps he didn't even like the work and wanted to find something else afterwards, but that grates painfully against my person view that you ought to do the best you can, even if you don't like the job or intend to stick it out.  Look at me at the Shop!  I grew to loathe it yet it didn't stop me making an effort and trying to do a good job even on my final day.

Thus, I'm in two minds about saying goodbye to Christian yesterday.  He was a nice guy - just perhaps not appreciative of the job he had (a notion that baffles me).  I do wish him all the best, that he succeeds in finding employment elsewhere in a role he enjoys and wants to work hard at.

I'm so grateful to still be employed.  I took a risk leaving the Shop, which has paid off so far.  I may only be guaranteed until the end of January but there are encouraging hints from senior that it may become permanant.  Even if it doesn't, it's an enjoyable, less stressful job than I've had in years - for that I am grateful.

Merry Christmas!


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