Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Well, I'm very glad I didn't phone in sick with a cold - primarily because several other members of staff had come down with colds but were in work all the same.

I was drugged up to the eyeballs with medication and going through a pack of tissues almost every hour but I got through the week without too much of a problem.  The medication I was using (the company's own brand as it happens) was very effective.  I only had one night of struggling to breathe and therefore sleep, the next night wasn't as bad, thus I continued to be rested enough to keep working.

A week on and the worst of my cold is gone - just left with a lingering cough and an intermittently drippy nose.  Methinks I shall try another flu tablet or two to see if that helps to shift it for good.

Improved health aside, I received some encouraging words from the manager today.

Essentially, I was asked if, were a job to be available after Christmas, would I accept it?   I actually said 'yes please' before he'd even finished the question!   I think he likes my keenness!

It's a shame that he can not confirm just yet whether a job will be available.  In the first instance, it's likely to be an extension of my existing contract, probably until the end of January.  In spite of someone retiring a few weeks ago, there is the fact that two members of staff are due to return from maternity leave.  So that leaves the manager in a position where he has to look into whether these women are actually intending to return in the first instance, what days / hours they could work etc as no doubt they'll want to work around their childcare arrangements.

That's all fine by me.  At the moment all the manager can do is to ask Christian and myself whether we'd accept an offer.  As he said, there's no point in offering a job to someone who doesn't want it or perhaps has made other arrangements for work.  So there's a definite yes from me and I presume a probable yes from Christian.

I still believe that I'm the front runner but it's just too early to get my hopes up.  Manager says he hopes to give us both a definite answer in a week or so.

I look forward to it.


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