Do you take plastic?

Monday, 9 January 2012

I had the most adorable little boy come to my till on Saturday.

His parents came up with their shopping, I scanned it all through and just as I told them the total amount to pay their little boy (maybe about five or six years old) comes up to me and holds out his clenched fist.

I hold my own hand out, and into my palm he drops a few plastic toy coins.

"I pay," he chirps. 

With a little smile, he then walks off to sit by the windows.

So adorable!!  My mouth dropped open in a huge smile.  Most children I see are just poised like vipers about to strike and snatch their sweets out of my hand almost before I've finished scanning them!

The parents looked pleasantly surprised and I sneeked the plastic coins back to them without their son noticing.  It's such a pleasure when I see the beautifully behaved children helping with the shopping but this is the first one to pay for the shopping with his own money.

He can come by my till any day of the week.


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