Thursday, 19 January 2012

Sometimes I despair at the lack of intelligence in some people.

A group of women come to my till and as I'm scanning one lot through, the next woman in line is whinging about a bottle of conditioner she's picked up.  She's at the end of my till and complaining that it won't stand upright.

"Look!  It don't stand up!" she screeches to her friends (not to me).  "Look!!"

She sets it on the counter, lets go of it and it falls over - thud.  She snatches it up, sets it up, lets go, thud.  She repeats this several times quite rapidly. Thud - thud - thud - thud.  All the time bemoaning "It's no good ain't it!?  What goods dat?  It'd fall over in me shower!  No good is it?  No good!"

I finish with the woman ahead of her and reach for her shopping.

I pick up the bottle of conditioner, scan it and set it back down on the counter.

It stands upright and stays there.

May have something to do with my putting it the right way up i.e. the flat end and not the rounded top end.

The woman snatches it off the counter and throws it into her shopping bag without even noticing the difference.


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