New Year

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

2012 is officially under way.  Once more I'm in a position of not knowing whether my employment will continue beyond the end of the month.

Luckily the manager is pretty on the ball and I do trust that he'll give an answer as soon as he is able to provide me with one.  Doesn't make it any less of a concern however.

Whilst I don't have any plans to stay at this shop forever more, just having the security of permanent employment would be a weight off my mind.  I knew this was a risk but it was a calculated one nonetheless.  Part of my continued employment does depend on how busy the business is - I overheard one of the supervisors say that on Monday we took about 18k when we'd usually take 10k on a bank holiday - that's great news, people are obviously out the bargains.  Today, in comparison, was pretty quiet.  The weather is awful which no doubt has kept some people away, but that doesn't stop that nagging feeling of 'what if the manager can't justify keeping another cashier when it's not very busy?'

I can't assume I'll still have job at the end of January, so I'm still looking for other work - focusing on my chosen career.  I don't want to keep going from job to job with the intention of leaving for something else.  I'm getting ever closer to thirty (and it's scary how fast time seems to go by) and I feel annoyed with myself that I'm not in a good career with prospects.  Or at least have a job that I love and pays enough to support myself.

What a way to start the year - full of job worries once more.  Still, I know there's plenty of others in the same boat - I'm lucky to at least have some guaranteed work for the month.


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