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Monday, 16 May 2011

Why do customers think that every sales person they meet is going to remember everything about them?

I had a man come in today who seemed rather put out that I didn't remember him ... said he'd come in 'a few weeks ago'.  Sorry, I've had a few hundred other customers come through the door, all looking at different things - why the hell do you think I'm going to remember one man who had a quick look around then left without buying anything?

It just starts getting stupid when they start telling you things like 'I was wearing a t-shirt' or 'It was a Thursday!'   Yeah, so what!?  I still don't remember you!  Tell me what the smeg it is that you want and I'll find it for you, but I'm not a flipping mind-reader so no, I can not recall 'that thing I was looking at before, it was right here!' - I need more of a hint than that.

I don't have a brilliant memory at the best of times, but the idea that all shop staff (or anyone else for that matter) are going to remember you weeks down the line when you were only a passing face on a busy day - get over it, we're not going to remember you!!


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