Friday, 13 May 2011

Well, I have no idea what's going on with this interview.

When I got the call, I was invited to an interview for today (Friday) but I explained that I was working that day - I'm covering Nora's sick leave, there's no one else to cover so there is no way for me to take the day off - so I ask whether next Thursday would be at all convenient for them, since that is the soonest I'll be able to take a day off work to attend.

The girl who phoned explained she wasn't able to say yes or no as she'd only been asked to phone the candidates (I fully understand that, no problem) and she promised to find out and give me a call back tomorrow.

Tomorrow as in yesterday, Thursday.

No phone call.   Since the original call came quite late in the day I reasoned they may not call back until late in the day again.  But no.

So I attempted to phone them back this morning to find out what was happening.  The phone rings and rings, then cuts out.  No one is answering and there's no answerphone to leave a message.

Please bear in mind that I'm at work whilst making this phone call so I shouldn't even be doing that, and I certainly can't keep trying to call them with customers coming into the Shop.

So I take a chance and send an email instead, explaining the situation again and that I had been expecting a phone call blah blah blah, could someone please give me a call back as soon as is convenient for them so we can arrange the interview.

I've still had no response.

Which has left me rather disconcerted that I've missed out on an interview purely for being unable to attend on the date they first suggested.  I was offered next Tuesday too, but again, I'm covering for Nora.

If there were any reasonable way I could get out of work to attend, I would do it.  However, there is only Nora, myself and her son who does the odd Thursday or Saturday (he's attending college so he can't just pop in on any day).

Whilst I may be premature in this gripe, I do feel that if you're going to invite someone to an interview then you obviously think they're good enough for the job, so why not get back to them and work together to arrange an interview date to suit both?   It's unfortunate that they should want to see me this week, but I can't help it if Nora is off.

Are employers now so fickle that if you can't attend the first date they offer then that's it, you've missed out?  Not everyone who applies for a job is out of work and can attend whenever, some of us still have work commitments to honour!

I'm going to be very cross if no one gets back to me and I don't get an interview.  Especially since this is one of the good jobs I applied to recently - good location, good wage and everything.  :(


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