Letting things go

Friday, 27 May 2011

I'm having a clear out.  Well, more specifically, I'm continuing a clear out that I started when I began reading The Everyday Minimalist.

I find her blog both interesting and insightful. :)   I'm not an overly tidy person and I'm attempting to break my habit of hoarding things I no longer need or use.

Over the past few months I've recycled so much paper, donated lots of things to charity and I'm gradually improving my living space whilst being more restrained in my spending. (Not that I was ever a big spender, but I give things more consideration before purchasing them now.)

I'm cleaning out one drawer today and I've found my penny whistle (you might know it as a tin whistle) plus the tutorial Cd's and books.  The receipt for the whistle is also here.  I purchased it in November 2004.  I really wanted to learn an instrument and this one held great appeal.  Over 6 years later, have I made any progress in learning it?  Can I play anything with a degree of accuracy and tunefulness??


It's been sat on a shelf, then shoved in a drawer only to surface on the odd occasion over the years with me thinking 'I must get back to learning this!'   For all my good intentions, it's never happened.  So this time I've pulled it out of the drawer it's going straight into a bag to go to the nearest charity shop.

There's no point in hoarding a lovely instrument and books when someone else could be getting some use out of them.

Also going is a pair of denim-looking sandals I bought at least a few years ago but have never worn, ("The weather will get better then I can wear them!) , a pink frilly top I bought in a sale about four years ago ("I'll find something to wear with it one day!") and a book on massage ("Maybe I'll train up to be a masseuse!")

All of these I've hung onto for ages; they're simply taking up space and not being used.  Begone with thee!

I always feel better after clearing things out. :)


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