Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Job advert websites are an absolute boon.  People are no longer limited to scouring a local newspaper where there are a limited number of jobs listed. (I do still check my local paper, but I'm lucky if there's one or two jobs I could even apply for!) There are now so many different websites, some devoted to a certain field of expertise, allowing you access to thousands of adverts. 

Even in spite of the recession, there are plenty of jobs available (although I'll admit still not enough for everyone yet!) so these sites are generally very helpful in giving you the options of filtering out the jobs you're not interested in.  Location, full time or part time, permanent or temporary, area of work - you can really narrow them down if you want to.

Well, that's assuming the filters work.

Take Directgov for example.  I found Job No.2 on this site so I'm a regular visitor here.  It's a pretty good site, easy to navigate, good filter options.  However, I'm not 100% convinced that they are working the way they should.

As per my needs, I set the hours and perm/temp filters to '30 +' and 'permenant'.  I specifically desire this exact combination for good reasons.  So why am I currently viewing an advert for a temporary receptionist?  The hours are 37 per week, but the job is no use to me if the duration is 'unknown' as stated within the advert.   Another advert, this time for an admin assistant; permanent (excellent) but it's only 16 hours per week (not so excellent - I need more not less!).

Neither of these jobs are what I need.  You'd think the filters would pick out the jobs that match both criteria, rather than one or the other.  If I wasn't fussed about either I would have selected 'any hours' and 'both' for the perm/temp option!

It's an annoyance to be sure.  We shouldn't have to double-check the descriptions each time.

Still, I guess it's not as bad as a local job site that when you ask to see jobs in my home town, it'll ignore you and show you stuff from just about anywhere in the country.  Or the Job Centre terminals, they're just as handy!  Select the area you want to search for jobs - nope, have a gander at these jobs from the other end of the country instead!

It's not exactly conducive to getting people back into work if we can't find the advertisements we want is it?


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