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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

I fully appreciate that not everybody wants the leaflets I deliver on a weekly basis.  It's to be expected - not everybody shops at that particular supermarket.

Whenever I encounter someone entering or leaving their home, I always make a point of asking if they would like a leaflet.  Most of the time I get one of two responses; 1# - a thank you, a smile and they happily accept the offered leaflet.  2# - no thank you, I don't shop there / I'll only put it in the recycle bin!    If it's 2# then I don't put one through their door anymore.  It's that simple.

I came across an elderly lady today who saw me working my way up her street (after I'd passed by her home) and she came up to me and said "You won't put one in #22, will you!"  

No, I did not forget to use a question mark there - it was not stated as a question.  She practically barked this at me.  Not a 'please don't deliver to #22, I'd rather not receive one' - just a blunt don't-you-dare with a withering look.

I'm somewhat taken aback by her lack of manners, but I just nod and tell her that's OK, I won't.

Off she stomps.

As I finish that street and double-back, I notice that #22 has a sign by the door.  'No non-addressed post'.

I've seen that sign ever since I've started this delivery round and not once have I put a leaflet through #22's door.   I can read.   She has not had this leaflet delivered to her for over six months.  I'd already passed her house by when she came out of it - it was quite obvious I hadn't given her one.

Why she felt it was even necessary to growl at me like that, I have no idea.

And to top off my round, it's been stupidly hot today.  (I don't do hot weather; it makes me irritable - roll on winter!)   Houses that face the rising sun have a tendency to develop very hot letterboxes - typically, I push the flap open with my hand in order to push the leaflet through since they're kinda flimsy and not sturdy enough to be shoved through without help.

Those letterbox flaps were hot enough to actually burn the tips of my fingers.   The hidden dangers of leaflet delivery!


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