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Monday, 1 August 2011

Here's a tip for making the lives of sales assistants easier - and surprisingly enough, it'll work in your favour too!

Tip - if you are looking for something specific, then please inform the sales assistant of what that item is.  Details are good. 

Don't be like the woman who came in asking vaguely if we did anything for children.

We don't do jewellery specifically for children, but we do have some smaller items that would be suitable.

No, she doesn't want jewellery - she helpfully scrunches her face up and retorts, 'It's for a baby!'

Is it for a Christening, perhaps?   Turns out it is.  After all, I am psychic.

Well, we do have a few Christening appropriate gifts - if jewellery (for now or for when the child is older) is not what you're looking for we have things such as little silver spoons (though I've never understood why that's appropriate), or trinket boxes.

The woman seizes on the trinket box suggestion.  Are they for baby teeth?

Again, not specifically but there's no reason why they couldn't be used for that - they can be engraved with the child's name or date of first tooth etc - just throwing out ideas as she and her companion are eyeing up everything in the place without so much as a glance at me during the conversation.

But no - that's not good enough.

Do none of them have 'tooth fairy box' or 'first tooth' on them already?  Again, I must clarify that no, they do not.  They are blank (bar the individual decoration or pattern) for you to personalise.

"Well, I really wanted a tooth fairy box with that written on it."

Well, why on earth did you not ask for that when you walked in the door??  Your opening question was whether we did anything for children.   One statement is pretty darn vague, the other would have saved us both time and hassle.  Care to guess which one?


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