What do I cut down on?

Friday, 12 August 2011

It's a pretty obvious thing that people have been pointing out to me regardless - cut back on things to save money.

That's all well and good if you were a big spender in the first place.  But what if you were reasonably frugal with your money to start with?  Where can I cut back?

Let's look at the obvious suggestions for a young woman in her twenties.
Magazines - I don't buy them. I'll read any that are brought into the house but I will not part with my money for them.  Never subscribed to any.
Make-up - don't wear very much and got enough to last me a while if I need it (bar an eyeliner that ran out - boo!)  I've actually given some bits away to friends because I'll never get around to using some of it.
Clothes - stopped buying when I became unemployed, with the exception of two cheap blouses suitable for work.  Even before that I only once had a splurge on clothing when I discovered an online shop that stocked clothing I actually liked, was reasonably priced, free returns, and I had been living in hand-me-downs and second-hand clothing for about a decade.  I was in full time work at the time with a good income - so I could afford it at the time, but I didn't go completely nuts, I simply replaced a lot of old things with a handful of decent fitting new things.   My wardrobe didn't really get any bigger!

Shoes - I did purchase a £40 pair of shoes a few months ago as I didn't have anything suitable for work and I desperately needed something that my feet were going to be comfortable in given that I'm on my feet most of the day.  A necessary purchase and a one-off.   Normally, I detest shoe shopping.  I own 7 pairs (work shoes, trainers, sandal-like shoes, sandals, black knee-high boots, brown knee-high boots, and black ankle boots)  They fit and they'll do until they fall apart.

"Treats and Treatments" - under this heading I include coffee shop purchases, chocolate, manicures, pedicures, all those kind of girly things.   I object to spending several quid on a cup of tea when I can buy a box of 100 teabags for less and make my own darn tea!   I've worked in a coffee shop before for about six months and I was constantly amazed at how much people will happily pay for a cup of coffee.  Best one - a 'dry' cappuccino - slightly less than half the cup is coffee, the rest foam.  Who the hell pays nearly £4 for half a cup of foam???  Sorry, I honestly never understood.  Not being a girly-girl I don't go in for manicures or getting my nails done in any way shape or form.  With the sports I do, I have to keep my nails short - trim them myself, tidy up with a nail file and that suits me fine.

Gym - something I did in the past but gave up my membership a few years ago when I got bored with the same stuff and the amazing Pilate's instructor left to be replaced by an atrocious one.  The other sports I do, I happen to help teach so that gets me free lessons in exchange.  Within walking distance so no petrol costs and if a lift is needed somewhere else 99% of the time I can get a lift.

So those are the 'typical' things that you'd expect someone of my age to cut back on.  But I either don't purchase these or any spending is already at the absolute minimum.

I'll no doubt do another cut-back post soon, see if there's anything else I ought to consider.

Any suggestions?


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