Talking to myself?

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A woman comes into the Shop wanting a ring.  She has arthritis, so her knuckles are huge whilst the place on her finger where a ring would sit is considerably smaller.

I do my best to advise her as she wants a ring with a large stone in it.  I explain, very clearly, that due to the size of her knuckles a ring big enough to go over them is not going to sit still on her finger - the stone will spin around.

I recommend a plain ring or even one where the stones are flatter / set in the band so the spinning isn't obvious or uncomfortable, but she wants the large stone.

I make it very clear that yes we can re-size her chosen ring, but IT WILL SPIN on her finger due to the difference in her knuckles and base of her finger.

Yes, she understands completely.  Yes, that is fine!  I'm not bothered about it spinning.  Please go ahead with re-sizing the ring.

The ring comes back re-sized and the customer returns to collect it.

She puts it on.   Her gaze snaps to mine and she looks bemused.

"Oh!  It spins!  It's too big!"

No, really???  Did we not have a thorough conversation about it before you stated that you fully understood that this was how it would be and to go ahead it?

Seems I talk to myself a lot of the time.


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