First day back

Friday, 23 September 2011

Oh the thrill of going to back to work ... I shouldn't really be sarcastic, but let's face it, if you've read my previous posts regarding the Shop you'll be well aware that I wouldn't relish the thought of going back.

Primarily, I have to focus on the money.  After all, it's why we go to our respective jobs, is it not?   And Nora has put in the calendar that she's off for a week next month - that means more money in WG's pocket!  :D   With the end of year festive seasons on the approach (I refuse to use the C-word until after Halloween!!) I do have to start thinking about gifts - this year is going to be on a tighter budget than last year.

Anyway, my first day back wasn't too bad.  Nora wasn't in and it wasn't too busy nor too quiet until late afternoon which made for a steady pace for the most of the day.  I hate when it's too quiet, time just drags.

I'd really like to start being more positive about the job - OK, venting on this blog does wonders for pent up frustrations, but I'd rather not need to vent in the first place!  Not saying it won't happen, however I'd like to try not letting things get to me so much.  I stress out fairly easily and it does nothing for my health or state of mind.  My holiday did me the world of good and I want to hold onto those good-feelings for as long as possible.

So, the positives of today - back to work means pay!  And I'm back into looking at the dental nurse qualification.


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