Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Went on my first leaflet delivery since returning from holiday.  Weather was much warmer than expected so I did not need the coat, hat and gloves I would have otherwise required in England at the end of September.

I walked into a lot of cobwebs - blergh!  Thankfully dodging any resident spiders.   Leaves are coming down everywhere and there are already conkers lying in the street.   Yep, autumn is here.

Back when I started this job I was adament that I didn't want to still be doing in when winter came.  So far it's not bad but I'm dreading January / February when the snow seems to turn up.  I wonder if deliveries get cancelled?  If they can't get them to me in the first place ...

Anyhoo, I'm a tad disgruntled.

When I left, my trolley was taken back.  My faithful and godsend of a trolley was re-claimed for someone else to use in my absence.  That would be fine - had they given me the same trolley back.  But no!  I now have a cruddy trolley that does not stay upright.  Whilst empty it just overbalances, so I had to lug extra leafelts around to try to balance it out when I'd finished my round.  Otherwise I have to prop it up against peoples walls etc or let it crash to the pavement.  Grrr.

Ok, it's just a trolley, but it was 'my' trolley and it was a good one!  I want it back!


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