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Monday, 26 September 2011

Since I've taken the best part of a month off of work, I'm rather glad to be back and earning some money.

I've not seen Nora since coming back and I couldn't help but notice that next month she has booked a week off of work.  On all previous occasions that she has taken time off, I've been given extra days - excellent!  I anticipated even more money in my pocket!

Alas, that bubble was burst this afternoon.  I phoned her to check whether or not I was working this Saturday (none of my days have been put on the calander so best to find out early!) and her week off came up - it would appear that I am not getting any extra days, bar one single extra Saturday.

Her son, Billy, is going to be working instead.

Yep.  Billy.   He who is not even meant to still be employed given the not-so-long-ago announcement of "I don't think he should work for his mother any more."

Now, it is totally transparent that Billy has not had any success in finding alternative employment.  Whilst I was away his name crops up regularly on the calander.  That's no problem, if he doesn't have another job, he can help out.   But why am I not being given any extra days now that I'm back? (Especially when you consider that I am 'the' employee, not him.)  Even one would have been appreciated!  Why should an irrisponsible child like him get the extra income?  He doesn't pay any form of rent to his mother - apart from his mobile does he really have much in the way of bills?   He doesn't even pay for his train ticket to get to work!

Nevermind that I pay rent, need to buy petrol and pay for parking, plus various bills.

Sorry, rant over.   It's frustrating, but there is a silver lining to this situation;  I'm back on the job hunt - not working a full week or even the best part of one provides me with more opportunties to attend interviews.  It's happened before - I took on extra days in Nora absence and then could not attend an interview because I am the only employee!  No one to cover meant I was stuck at work and the opportunity was lost.

The lack of extra income does bite however.


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