Woohoo! I've cut back!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

During my travels, it dawned on me that there was something I could cut back on in order to save some money.

I did a post not long ago about things I was already being frugal about and was puzzling over what to cut back on.  It finally occured to me and it was a total face-palm moment, I assure you.

Website hosting.  I have a website that I used for experiementing with coding and design, esscentially working like an onling portfolio of my web skills.   And it's been sat there for a while, not being updated much and sucking £5 out of my account every month.

A fiver may not be much, but that's still £60 every year being plugged into something I'm hardly using.

So this morning I have requested the closure of my account.

No idea why it didn't occur to me before - perhaps because I've not used it in a while!   I've had no complaints about the company I'm with so I'll no doubt go back to them in the future, but for now, I think that five pounds extra a month is better off staying in my account to be spent on more esscental things.

It's no loss on my CV either - I designed a website for a friend which is still up and running (plus she is paying for the hosting herself) so I can still highlight my skills with that on it's own, rather than two sites that proclaim pretty much the same thing.

Huzzah, savings made!  (Or they will be if the company are on the ball and close my account before the next payment is due; I appreciate it may not be instantenous but hopefully it won't take long to be sorted out.)


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