Monday, 23 May 2011

I think it's safe to say that any hope of getting an interview arranged has long since gone.

Despite phoning and emailing to try and arrange a date, I have either been brushed off with 'I'll find out and call you back' or else simply getting no reply to my email.

I find that extremely rude and frustrating.   Obviously, the interviews will have taken place by now so there's no point in continuing trying to get an answer.  It's such a shame the timing coincided with my covering Nora's sick leave but that couldn't be helped.

What annoys me most is no one got back to me to say, sorry we can't do any other days, if you can't make this date then unfortunately there's nothing we can do.  Would it seriously have taken more than a few minutes to call / email me back to say so?   You invite me to interview, then ignore me.  I can understand (to some extent) not replying to every single person who applied - but what about the people you've shortlisted??   I doubt you shortlist more than a handful, so is it honestly such a hassle for you to get back in touch with me?

Perhaps I should be glad not to be working for them after all, if they're that rude.


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