Fresh Start

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

New month, a new start.

I've decided to branch out a little with my job search.  Office / Administration skills can be applied to a lot of difference businesses so whilst I was searching online last night I spotted a receptionist / trainee dental nurse job advert.

Dental nursing is not something I would have considered a year ago, but having had a good look around, there seem to be a fair number of vacancies for qualified dental nurses as well as trainees.  I figure, why not?  It's worth a shot, so I have applied to five jobs alone so far today.

Most ask for receptionist experience (check) and either a qualification or a willingness to train (hell yes).  If this opens a new career path, then it gives me more options.  There are dental surgeries all over the place so I'm not limited as to where I could find work.

So the CV was again tidied up a little, covering letters/emails written to express my desire to learn blah blah blah, and five applications made.

Two are in my home town - who knows if that gives you an edge, being local.  One is hardly a five minute walk from home, but the downside is that that one is only 2 days a week.  However, if it gets me some experience in the role then that's something that will add weight to future applications.

I feel much better having found some jobs to apply to.   I keep hitting these periods of depression whilst job hunting - one minute I'm pumped up and eager to apply, the next I'm convinced I'll be stuck at Shop for ages and that there's nothing out there, why aren't I even getting an interview for some crappy filing job I could do blindfolded?   Moods go up and down like a yo-yo.  I'm also finding it hard to discuss this with friends - seems the only thing they can think of to say is 'Oh you'll find something!' then change the subject.  Thanks for the moral support guys, real helpful.

Hence, my hope that by applying to a new work field I may have better luck.


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