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Monday, 6 June 2011

Turns out that I am not the only employee of Nora who thinks she is not a pleasant person.

Today was another extremely quiet Monday when a woman came in 'just to have a nose around' and we got chatting.  She asked me how long I'd worked there for and then asked what I thought of the boss.

'Ummm,' I wasn't too sure how to go about answering that one.  For all I knew, she was a friend of Nora's!  But seeing my hesitation she assured me it was fine and that she knew one of the girls who had previously worked there.  Her whole demeanour and tone of voice was reassuring that she wasn't a spy in the camp and I answered as honestly and diplomatically as I could.

Basically I said that I found her hard to work for as she was very focused on what I perceived to be rather unattainable sales targets, that I dreaded calling her at the end of the day with the sales figures because her tone always implied that it was somehow my fault for not taking more (it's never enough!).  Also that she was not overly friendly - she wasn't the sort of person you could have a chat with.

To my great relief, this woman was wholeheartedly in agreement - Nora is indeed a hard taskmaster and the girl who used to work here before me was more than a little relieved to escape!

It's quite nice to know that it's not just me taking things too personally or imagining it - someone else has experienced the exact same thing and found Nora to be a poor employer.


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