That was nice, if disappointing

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Slightly oxymoronic title, I know.  But as mentioned in my earlier post, I applied to five jobs this morning.

I've just checked my email on the off chance there had been any replies. (I never expect to get any this quickly but I thought I might as well look.)  There was a reply from one.  My hopes rose, only to read that the post had already been filled but thank you for my application.

Well, it was certainly nice to get a quick reply - I'm so used to not getting any reply whatsoever than even a 'sorry, you have not been shortlisted' or 'sorry, the job's been filled' is actually rather welcome!

It's a pity as the location was pretty good and it was full time; it would have been ideal.  But the job advert had been posted on the 12th May so it's pretty good indicator that you have to move very quick!

Which gives me hope since two of the jobs were advertised only today and yesterday.  Obviously the sooner you apply the better chance you have.

There's hope yet!


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