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Saturday, 4 June 2011

I came across a fabulous money saving tip last night.  My sister came by and gave me over a years worth of Glamour magazines - not something I'd ever buy but I'll happily flick through any magazine lying around, and I'll admit it, Glamour always seemed to be full of adverts so I didn't have a high opinion of it.

However, as I was flicking through the latest edition, I came across the 'We can make you rich!' article.  I skim over it noting the expected ideas of using coupons, switching energy providers ... then I spotted something that rang a very loud and excited bell.

'Buy contact lenses online'

I'm very short sighted.  I need glasses and use contact lenses for driving, sports and nights out.  My prescription is so bad my optician can't provide daily wear lenses for it, so I wear monthlies.  At a cost of around £70.  For three pairs.

When you are working two part time jobs, neither of which pay all that much, £70 is a lot of money to fork over in one go.  Previously I was able to purchase one pair at a time which was so much easier on my wallet and I loved the convenience of it even when I was in full time employment with a decent income.   Much to my annoyance, my optician has decided I can't do that any more.  If I want them I have to pay the full £70 before they'll even order them in.  I can not afford that much in one go.

I have considered looking for another optician in the hopes of getting a lower price, but for some reason, looking online for lenses never even occurred to me.  I don't know why.  Maybe because I've always got them from a high street optician - long standing habits are hard to break and you don't tend to question something you've done for years.

So, thanks to Glamour, I'm looking online - primarily looking at prices in the first instance.


For the exact same lenses, I could get 6 pairs (twice my usual) for just shy of £50!!   That saves me around £40.

£40 I can put towards my (potential) holiday. £40 for petrol. £40 towards my rent.  That £40 could go towards a lot of different things.

Methinks I shall be ordering my next set of lenses online in the near future.  No way am I paying more than I need to!


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