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Friday, 10 June 2011

This month is proving to be pretty stingy.  By that I mean the number of days I'm down for at the Shop.  The past two months I've had to cover Nora's holiday and sick leave, granting me several extra days work and pay.

However, June has but a mere ten days to offer.

I'm lucky that I'm paid slightly more than the National Minimum Wage but even then, with only ten days I'm looking to get about £600.  Take off a chunk of tax.  Pay my rent, petrol and car parking.

End result - under £300.
I'm sincerely grateful that my parents are putting a roof over my head, because there is no way I could afford food, bills and put money aside for things like car tax, insurance and gifts throughout the year, and have anything left over to save.

That realisation is one of several things giving me an added kick up the backside to continue to hunt for full time work.  Not that I need additional reasons, to be honest.

The income from the Shop is just too erratic for me.  My first month I took home a very healthy sum - June's is going to be very sickly in comparison.   I much prefer consistency - I want to know that I can cover my outgoings without worrying.

So all the days I am not working will be spent sending out applications.


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